About 3GL Consulting

About 3GL Consulting

Dear clients;  


We at 3GL Consulting would like to offer our continued support during these troubling and uncertain times where everyone is filled with their personal anxieties about an unpredictable future. We would like to assure our valued clients that we are making provisions to facilitate your needs via online consulting, coaching and counselling in order to address your personal and family needs for the foreseeable future.

Your physical, mental and emotional health continues to be our primary concern and we at 3GL Consulting are adhering to guidelines of distancing and working from home until such time that in person meetings and gatherings are permitted.  We are committed to serving you and the community in any and every way possible online.

We are all called upon as individuals, families and communities to create safe spaces within our environments. What is a safe space?  Generally speaking it can loosely be defined as “an environment where the vulnerable and/or those facing mental and emotional challenges, are permitted to express their emotions and concerns without fear of abuse, bias or judgement.”  Additionally, individuals should feel supported, respected and comforted in their own personal spaces, as this allows for greater resilience when facing particular challenges within society. We at 3GL Consulting are even more committed than ever to helping to create that safe space for you.

Currently, with the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus, individuals need to be hyper vigilant and protect themselves from being in contact with this virus by isolating and physical distancing. This is imperative in order to blunt the spread of this virus during this global crisis. The ‘side effects’ of this stress and isolation can include; anxiety, panic attacks, financial stresses, loss of loved ones and coping with our fears and losses. 

In order to demonstrate our commitment to helping individuals, communities and vulnerable groups, 3GL Consulting is offering reduced rates and compassionate services to all of our clients to facilitate consistency in sessions and overall well-being. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us via our email 3glcounseling@gmail.com or deardaa4@gmail.com or call 647.673.1220. Remember, we are all in this together. Call if we can be of assistance in supporting you and your families during this extraordinary time. Be safe, stay well.


Debbie Ali    

Founder / CEO

3GL Consulting