About Debbie Ali


Debbie Ali was born and raised on a tropical island in the Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago. It was there she honed her skills as both a professional writer and teacher.  Currently she resides abroad and is the founder of 3GL Consulting. This company is very personal to her as her vision is to ‘create safe spaces’ for everyone.  Debbie has assisted many in creating personal, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safe spaces for themselves which has allowed those individuals to develop in life, find peace and healing as well as achieve personal goals.  As a Consultant, Coach and Counsellor Debbie Ali has been the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for her tireless work in addressing issues such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicide, self esteem issues among a host of others.  She has always been a strong advocate for women’s rights with great emphasis placed on curbing violence against women.

Her passion stems from her abduction on her birthday of 2006, where she was held hostage for ransom for a period of 2 weeks.  During that time Debbie was tortured in every conceivable way including multiple rapes.  She even experienced death and a heavenly encounter with the divine and her grounding source of peace, Jesus Christ.  A champion of her faith, Debbie then successfully published a bestselling book entitled ‘Bare Feet’ to bring comfort and hope to those in need.  Also a prolific public speaker Debbie has spread her message of forgiveness, peace, love and hope on many platforms including political platforms.  In addition she has worked with adolescents and many adults of varying ages, cultures, religions and ethnicities to bring healing and peace.  The skills and techniques she teaches deeply resonate with individuals because she can personally relate to whatever trauma they have endured.  Furthermore, the techniques she teaches others are highly effective because she was forced to find her own sources of healing and thus they are practical, easy to employ in everyday life and very effective.  Debbie Ali builds relationships with everyone she works with and the follow ups and genuine concern for all makes all the difference.

It is important to note that Debbie’s experience as a teacher, tutor, mentor, writer, manager and her extensive work in the area of public relations and Mass Communications have allowed her a holistic view of people and the psychology behind their thinking. With all of these hats she wears, she is a true movie lover and screenplay writer, with a movie title to her name.  As if that weren’t enough, she hosted her own radio program and was a frequent guest on all forms of media.  All of this in addition to her passionate screams during a football (soccer) match and the total opposite which is when she demands her quiet reading and mediation time.  Of course she attributes all of her blessings to God and insists that her greatest blessings are her two imperfect children.