Congratulations to Debbie Ali for her #1 International Bestseller, “bare feet”!

Debbie Ali has been inducted into the Bestselling Authors International Organization for her
#1 International Bestseller, bare feet.

_BestSellingAuthors International MEMBER

Debbie Ali is a highly proactive coach, counselor, consultant, public speaker and author. Currently residing in Canada, she is the founder of 3GL Consulting, a company focused on creating ‘safe spaces’ for all people. Be it spiritual, mental, emotional or physical safe spaces, Debbie assists individuals when it comes to healing, overcoming trauma and rising above the pain to reclaim their power. Her efforts in helping female survivors of physical assault and violence with PTSD, anxiety, depression, suicide and self-esteem issues won her a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Her latest #1 International Bestseller, bare feet, is her most personal work to date. It helps survivors of violence and physical assault find power through faith and healing by creating a deep spiritual connection with God. Bravely sharing the raw details of her abduction and assaults, Debbie provides validation, comfort and hope for other survivors who may be suffering alone or may feel that their experience is not truly understood by others. Debbie boldly shares her horrific experience and how in the end, it was not human intervention but divine intervention that kept her sane and allowed her to be there for her children, even after the severe physical and mental trauma she had faced.