Student and Elderly Special

Student and Elderly Special


These special rates apply for all students currently enrolled in any recognized academic institution.  Given the challenges students face daily in addition to the Covid 19 restrictions, many are suffering from isolation, depression, lack of motivation, anxiety attacks among others.  Your mental health is ALL of your wealth.  Reach out to us and we will accommodate you the best we can.

The elderly hold a very special place in my heart as you are the ones who have paid their dues and helped to build and shape lives and communities.  Your contributions are often unrecognized but priceless.  3gl Consulting is pleased to offer special services to those in need of them.  We can assist you mentally, emotionally and spiritually on an ordinary day.  However with the onset of Covid 19, a very complex mix of additional stresses have arisen and it is our promise to stand by YOUR side and the sides of ALL of your loved ones who support you.  We recognize the need for PERSONAL SAFETY tips for the elderly and their loved ones as well as gently addressing issues of loneliness, depression, anxiety and fears that inevitably affect your physical health.  Take advantage of our special offers.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Debbie Ali

Founder / CEO

3gl Consulting



$60 / hr

Student ID is required

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